The Athletic Video Yearbook that was produced by The Official Video Yearbook Company was one of the highlight for our graduating seniors. The memories and highlights provided by the yearbook will provide long lasting memories for generations. From start to finish The Official Video Yearbook provided great service and quality in the development, production , promotion and distribution of the video yearbook. I would advise and school, team or organization looking to highlight their year and accomplishments to jump on board with the Video Yearbook Company.
-Ed Malloy, Baldwin Senior High School Athletic Director


Absolutely amazing.  The graduating 8th grade class at Paterson Public School #13 thoroughly enjoyed the entire process The Official Video Yearbook created.  From being professionally interviewed to watching the final product together as a class, it evoked tears and smiles from students and faculty alike.
-Jesse Anderson, Paterson Public School 13, 8th Grade Teacher


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